First Friday Roundup: Happy Fourth of July!

Kelly Keenan Trumpbour

IMG_0591Happy Fourth of July from See Jane Invest!!

Ever wanted to learn more about the women backing the men in Philadelphia circa 1776?  Check out this reprint of Wives of the Signers: The Women Behind the Declaration of Independence.  Abigail Adams, Dorothy Quincy Hancock, and Julia Stockton Rush are among the many wives profiled for their contribution to this holiday.

While you are enjoying a break from the hectic pace of life, remember that making your mark on the world isn’t supposed to be easy.  Tokyo Up founder Emi Tokita-Furukawa talks about how panic attacks brought her to realize self-confidence, not sugar coating and blue sky visions.  Great quote: “We will never have all the answers and will (most likely) always feel uncomfortable.  Our only mistake is in thinking it should feel otherwise and not taking the plunge because of it.”

DIY Tricycle Car Wash???  Yes please. I mean for me. Kids are welcome to use it too.  Has to ward off panic attacks, right?

Long Fourth of July weekend means PIE!!  Check out Dominique Matthew’s fun suggestions over at A Bowl Full of Simple.

Having a little party for the 4th?  I liked this series of posts by Tasty Belly’s Jessica Hulse Dillon about fun decorating ideas.  I’m also planning on making a trip to Salt & Sundry because of these posts. Pronto.

If your idea of a fun holiday weekend is a movie fest, Huffington Post has compiled a list of Fourth of July movies celebrating women’s independence.   There are some definite classics in here (League of Their Own, Working Girl) but please, please, please promise me that if you decide to watch The Women you will watch the 1939 version.  I don’t care how much you love Meg Ryan.  The 2008 version of this movie should be ignored and forgotten.

Alright, enough reading!  Go slather on sunscreen.  Find a juicy beach read or a good magazine.  Plenty of time for ambition . . . . later.


Photo Credit: Denny Warner